I have been a longtime advocate of “you are what you eat”. I eat organic as a rule. My family does not consume meat and I was always very conscious about reading the food labels.  What I was not reading were the labels for the hair and body products that we used. I was stuck in the notion that if they were “brand name” then they must be good. Right?


NOPE, I was DEAD wrong! Have you looked at a product label? Do you understand the ingredients, shoot, can you pronounce them?! When I finally became “woke” to the notion that what you place on your skin is directly absorbed into your body, I set out to educate myself and others about better alternatives for body care. My selections not only make you feel good, you look good too!  I am SO EXCITED that I get to share all this knowledge with you. Our products contain the purest ingredients and are always vegan. We distinctively differ from most companies who offer skin care products because we focus development on hair and body care  with just one goal: enriching your life with the purest of natural and organic ingredients.

If I OK them for my family, then I definitely OK them for you. Thank you for your support, I am so grateful that you have decided to come along with me on this journey!


May you be surrounded with Positivity!


Taiwanda Ellis

CEO and Owner